Sunday, April 5, 2009

6 weeks


Number one - I'm so in love with this little blue-eyed, strawberry-blonde girl, that it's incomprehensible.

I find it hard to update this blog because I feel like so much happening that there is too much to document. Too much to even know where to begin. In so many ways, everyday goes quickly and she eats, sleeps, spits up, poops, cries, smiles, and the day is done before we know it. Within those mundane functions though are all of these amazing moments that I just don't know how to describe. She's lovely and I'm really a lucky woman to be able to witness her learning life each and every day.

In the more particulars of day to day life at the Poole household....
We're approaching 6 weeks! Little mini's a month and 1/2 old and is changing at such an amazing rate everyday, right before our eyes that it's breathtaking. She is becoming more and more alert - really looking at us and the world around her. She LOVES windows, lights, the fans and her plastic links toy (which is the most simplistic, cheap toy, btw). She's also taken to the baby bjorn and the sling but is still really hating the stroller and car rides unless she's so knocked out asleep that she doesn't know what's going on. She holds her head incredibly well and, despite the fact that "What to Expect..." says it's the worst thing ever, is sleeping very happily on her tummy. She's smiling a good amount, coos, and is starting to make these squealing noise. She also snores like a fat, old drunk man. She's sleeping well - usually 4 hours when we first put her down for the night, followed by 3 more and we're into the next morning - so not so bad. Oh, and she LOVES the tub. She just zones out with this funny little smile on her face. It's awesome.

I'm doing well, aside from the mega-bags I have under my eyes (which I'm scared will take years to fade away). I went for a run (jog) for the first time this past week - - trying to tighten up my flab-dominals. I have a doctor's appt on Tues - my final post-partum check-up. Hopefully me and my whoo-whoo can have a rest already - FINALLY. I start back with work this week too, and feel pretty up to the challenge of scheduling out our super hectic lives. It'll work because it has to.

All in all, I'm fully enamored with my new little family. Life is so sweet.


Deb said...

Awww...I miss the O'Pooles!!! Leta is getting more and more beautiful ;)

Virginia said...

WoW, 6 weeks already... She is adorable and I am so happy for you Shan.. you seem to really be enjoying life!