Monday, October 27, 2008

22 wks

22 wks

So, this week has seen the kicks and punches from Leta move upwards in my tummy, to the point where I'm now feeling them just above my belly button. In fact, last night I was getting a kick (or punch) in my lower left abdomen and a kick (or punch) above my belly button on the right side at the same time. Meaning - she's really stretched out in there. In fact she weighs about a pound and she's about a foot long! All of this seems absolutely insane when I try to wrap my mind around it. The fact that in just 4 months she'll be here is just nuts.

I'm still feeling really good, but at the same time looking forward to having this baby in our arms and out of my belly.Feeling her move around is amazing, but I think I'd prefer to hang with her on the outside... I can't wait to have my body back to myself :)

Monday, October 20, 2008

21 wks

21 wks

21 wks

This week has seen more growth from the little one, but not much more in the way of physical change on my side. I've heard that the changes come in spurts. That I'll have this initial "pop"; then nothing for awhile; then another big pop; then plateau for a bit, etc. So, maybe that's what's happening.

On her end, she's the size of a carrot now, if you can believe it! She weighs almost a pound and is about 10 1/2 inches long (head to toe). Little lady's packing on the poundage! ;)

21wks carrot

Thursday, October 16, 2008

19- 20wks...Half-way There!!!

We've been moving into our new house over the past 2 (almost 3 wks??) now, and I've fallen behind in my weekly updating. We closed on Sept 25, and since we don't have a renter for the condo yet, we were able to stay there while we made improvements to the new place. I'm so excited to have a new, larger space for Leta to come into. It's got a big back yard that we're already envisioning swing-sets and slip-n-slide's, and we're on a cul-de-sac, which will be awesome for playtime in the front yard. Also the "A-rated" elementary school is in our neighborhood and within walking distance. We're now finally living in the house, with just a few more boxes and a bunch of cleaning to go, so normal life is slowly returning.

In the past two weeks, Leta's been cranking! We went for another ultrasound at the beginning of the month and found that she was right on target - 11oz and about 10 1/2 inches long. Her heart and other essential organs look great, as well. She was upside down the entire u/s and had her head buried down low on the right side. She seems to favor this position as my stomach is lop-sided half of the time. Leta's been sitting so low that it was often extrememly uncomfortable - to the point where sometimes it would hurt to lift my legs. In the past two weeks this has subsided a bit as I think everything's come up a bit. It doesn't look it in the pictures, but it feels a thousand times better.

By this week, her kicks and punches have become really strong, where TJ can easily feel them on a regular basis, and I've noticed that she has certain times of day that she really gets going. This is kind of the fun part. Each night around 10:30 we get about 1/2 hr to 45 min of Leta kicking time. TJ and I kind of sprawl out on the couch and he gets a chance to leave his hand on my belly and catch up with his girl.

I'm feeling pretty darn good, although I still get tired more easily. I keep thinking I need to enjoy this time of small belly and energy, cause it can't last forever! I'm still trying to get to the gym and feeling good there as well. I had gained 7 lbs at our last appointment overall (not bad for being 1/2 way there) and I think I'm up to about 9 now. My only goal is to keep it slow and steady and mainly baby. God knows I don't need more butt and thighs! Ok.... so....

Are you ready for the MASSIVE changes my little belly is undergoing?? I thought little Leta was making herself known in week 18 - then came week 19...

19 wks

19 wks

Then, HOLY COW, came week 20 - the big 5 mo / half-way mark, and boom....

20 wks

I'm thinking there's no way that people can't know I'm pregnant now, but I've been surprised that only one person has noticed and said something. Can it be that I just look like I've gained THAT much weight?? Oh geez.

Hopefully, my updates will return to their regularly scheduled weekly time, for my "record-keeping" sake if anything. All in all, the Poole family is doing very well.